Volunteering at Makoa-Farm

The care of injured and sick animals requires qualified applicants with sufficient veterinary medical experience. Have you completed veterinary training or are you currently studying veterinary medicine? Are you not afraid to get dirty, are you physically and mentally resilient, do you have experience and routine in dealing with large and small pets and are you interested in volunteering in our Makoa animal clinic?

In our veterinary practice there are no „regular“ opening hours or a regular working week. The day is always shaped by the situations that arise or by planned appointments and activities.
There are days when things are busier and other days when you have time for something else.

In the morning, before breakfast, you usually will visit the inpatients and check their condition. If necessary, medication is administered, dressings are changed or other abnormalities requiring immediate action are attended to. Basic cleaning of the kennels and facilities is done by the Makoa staff employed.

Then, during the day, either surgeries or further treatments are carried out, or owners bring their animals for vaccinations or with other matters. Occasionally there are also home visits to private pet owners where you can go along and assist.

Veterinary students and veterinary assistant may also be interested in participating a spay and neuter camp, for detailed information please click HERE.

Our volunteers give a donation to Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. It is important to understand that the volunteer contribution is not used to pay for your stay, but is a support to the purely donation-funded non-profit NGO KiliCREW.org.

The amount is used exclusively to fund treatment, surgery and care for the animals, as well as conservation, education and awareness projects for Tanzanian children, students and the general population.
The volunteer donation to Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. is non-refundable, but a donation receipt can be issued.

Please note to avoid misunderstandings: The work does NOT include the treatment or care of wild animals! There are no wild animals on Makoa-Farm that need or can be handled!