Volunteering at Makoa-Farm



Are you currently enrolled in veterinary medicine studies? Are you comfortable with getting your hands dirty, physically and mentally resilient, experienced in handling both large and small animals, and interested in volunteering at our Makoa animal clinic?

In our veterinary practice, there are no „regular“ opening hours or a typical working week. Each day is shaped by emergent situations or scheduled appointments and activities. Some days may be busier than others, allowing for varying levels of activity.

Typically, in the morning before breakfast, volunteers check on the inpatients and assess their condition. If necessary, medication is administered, dressings are changed, or any other urgent matters are attended to. Basic cleaning of the kennels and facilities is handled by our employed Makoa staff.

Throughout the day, surgeries or further treatments are performed, or owners bring their animals in for vaccinations or other appointments. Occasionally, volunteers may also accompany veterinarians on home visits to assist private pet owners.

Veterinary students and assistants may also have the opportunity to participate in a spay and neuter camp. For detailed information, please contact projects@kilicrew.org.

Our volunteers make a donation to Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. It’s important to note that this contribution does not cover the cost of your stay but rather supports our purely donation-funded non-profit NGO, KiliCREW.org. The donated amount is solely used to fund treatment, surgery, and care for the animals, as well as conservation, education, and awareness projects for Tanzanian children, students, and the general population.

Please be aware that the volunteer donation to Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. is non-refundable, but a donation receipt can be issued.

Certainly, it’s important to clarify that the volunteer work does not pertain to the treatment or care of wild animals, as Makoa-Farm does not host any rescued wild animals!