Your hosts are the veterinary couple Elisabeth and Laszlo. They acquired the sprawling 143-hectare estate in 1999 and have since offered their guests a glimpse into the veterinary farm life in Tanzania, as well as the lifestyle of the Chagga people, the tribe inhabiting the slopes of this mountain. Simultaneously, they provide medical care for the large and small pets of the local population and conduct sterilization projects for stray dogs.

Occasionally, Elisabeth and Laszlo indulge in the pleasures of their beautiful homeland of Tanzania by going on safari to observe the world of the fascinating Tanzanian wildlife.

In the small animal practice operated at Makoa, a variety of patients are treated, typically household pets but sometimes even humans. During your stay with us, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about our projects firsthand:

This is an experience not to be missed and we hope that you will love it as much as we do!